President Obama recently made history by visiting Cuba, and reestablishing diplomatic and economic ties with the Communist nation, which has been sanctioned and embargoed by the US since JFK was in the Oval.

President Obama recently made history by visiting Cuba, and reestablishing diplomatic and economic ties with the Communist nation, which has been sanctioned and embargoed by the US since JFK was in the Oval. President Obama held a few conferences with Cuban President Raoul Castro, the brother of the notorious Fidel. Like Nixon did with China and the Zedong regime, Obama has reached out an open hand to an oppressive Communist regime.

Communism is a gruesome system. Over 100 million people have died under Communist regimes throughout history, subsequent to the publishing of Karl Marx’ “manifesto” which called for the abolition of private property, the destruction of private industry, and it called for the “proletariat” to rise up and overthrow the bourgeois and the aristocracy. The “Workers of the World” tried to unite, with catastrophic results.

Lenny Bruce once said it best: “Communism is like one big phone company.”

Karl Marx’ Socialism was a “perfect”, “utopian” system on paper, which seemed as if it could be the answer to the corruption of capitalism and the decay of civilization. However, when Marx’ concepts and notions were applied by masochistic psychopaths such as Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Kim Jong IL, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, and even Adolf Hitler, countless people were murdered by their blood thirsty regimes. Communism is Socialism on steroids; the difference between Socialism and Communism is quite minuscule.

Communism has proven to be a cataclysmic failure due to the eradication of freedom, and slaughter that comes with it. Will Rogers suggested: “Communism is like prohibition, it’s a good idea but it won’t work.”

Under Communism, freedom is suppressed, as is individualism; collectivism is the foundation of communism. Marx’ system is a monstrosity. The USSR collapsed in 1991, and Communism has limped on ever since. Russia, China, Cuba, and various other nations are Communist; however most Communist nations have adapted Capitalism, economically, to prosper, and the leaders use Communism, socially and politically, to maintain Totalitarian control over their people.

The utopian-like concept of Socialism has been perverted; Leninist-Socialism, Stalinism, Nazism, and Maoism were the consequence of Marx’ manifesto.

Numerous people died in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution led by V.I Lenin. Even more died under his “NEP policies”. Lenin’s successor, Josef Stalin, had over 20 million Russians massacred with his “Five Year Plan” and “Collectivization” initiatives. Stalin actually purged his own military and even doctors with the “Great Purges” from 1936 to 1938. The Nazi’s were “Democratic Socialists”; and as we all know, over 6 million Jews were killed under Nazi rule.

In China, when Mao Zedong performed a coup and installed a Communist regime in 1949, he killed his opposition and starved his people. Mao initiated his “Cultural Revolution” and called for “The Great Leap Forward” during his reign of terror. Tens of millions of Chinese perished under Mao’s Communist regime. And still, Nixon did a trade deal, and renewed relations with the Chinese Communists in the early 1970’s; much like Obama is doing now with the Cubans.

At this point, dealing with the Cubans is similar to the U.S. dealing with the North Koreans. Both regimes are Totalitarian, Communistic, Anti-American, and they pose a threat to America, and her interests; the US should not renew relations with Cuba. JFK was right in cutting the Communist regime off so long ago.

Since Fidel Castro’s coup d’état of the Capitalist Dictator, Batista, in 1959, the Cuban people have suffered under the Castro’s oppressive rule. Much injustice has occurred under Communist rule, especially in Cuba. Adlai Stevenson believed: “Communism is the corruption of the dream of justice.”

The Castro regime has murdered people for decades; it has taken out its opposition, silenced its people, and maintained a tight squeeze over Cuba for decades.

Castro, himself, has murdered people. His most devout soldier, Che Guevara, was solely responsible for the deaths of many people. The Castro regime suppressed the free press, and halted the political, social, cultural, and economic freedom of the Cuban people.

Like North Korea’s regime, the corrupt Cuban Communist regime has complete, totalitarian control over most all of Cuba; there is no free press, free trade, or private industry, and everything is mostly state-owned and operated. In Cuba, most people still drive cars from the 1960’s, don’t have internet, and they have very little technological infrastructure. Despite their advances in Healthcare, and Education, both of which are socialized, Cuba is basically a failed state.

Since the trade embargo established by JFK in the sixties and the failed “Bay of Pigs” invasion in 1961, the United States has had zero relations with the Cuba; the US has not traded or had talks with Cuba since the sixties, and even travel to the nation was prohibited for some time. That is all about to change with Obama’s lift of the embargo, and his visitation to the Communist nation which has revitalized the relationship and partly decreased the tensions between Cuba and America.

However, I think Communism is still going to reign in Cuba, much like it does in China and Russia. And, that bothers me. It is as if President Obama’s move to renew relations was merely a political stunt. I do think the Cuban people will still be oppressed and they will never taste true freedom; Fidel wouldn’t allow it. Raoul won’t allow it.

Communism is rising, and it is still very prevalent in the World; and America has partnered up with it. Seeing President Obama posing in front of Che Guevara’s image in Cuba’s Revolution Square made me angry. The imagery of it is purely wrong. Communism is still a threat to the US and the World; and it should be treated as such.

We are pardoning all the crimes against humanity that Communists have committed over the last hundred years by having relations with China, Russia, and especially Cuba. I understand the idea of what Obama was trying to do; start anew, in this new century, with the Cubans. However, I think his efforts are an exercise in futility; Communism is too dangerous, and by dealing with these Communist nations we are basically dealing with the Devil.

I fear that, with the rise of Democratic Socialism in the U.S., some young Americans are becoming Communists.

Russian Communist ruler, Nikita Khrushchev, explained my worries quite accurately: “Every year humanity takes a step toward Communism. Maybe not you, but at all events your grandson will surely be a communist.”

That’s a scary statement if he was right.

Brandon Todd is a former resident of Howard Creek