I’m sure you’ve heard about Millennials.


I’m sure you’ve heard about Millennials. We are the generation that is estimated to span from 1980 — 2000. Our generation perplexes some from other generations, perhaps because our generation, like the many others, showcases several attributes. I’ve consistently read articles and heard others in my community describe Millenials as lazy, entitled, and know-it-alls—just to name a few.

While there are Millennials that may share these characteristics, the above descriptions can describe people from all generations. As an older Millennial, I wanted to spotlight a local Millennial woman who is doing amazing things for her community.

Linette Bailey, is an undeniably gorgeous, outgoing, energetic, and multi-talented young lady from Port St. Joe. After graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business, she eventually returned to her hometown and has been serving the community selflessly ever since.

In addition to mentoring and inspiring the youth group at her church, Linette blesses her fellow churchgoers with her unique, soulful voice. In the midst of selflessly sharing her talents and time with others, Linette felt an urge to get back to writing and creating music.

As a child, Linette had a passion to create music and consequently wanted to be a singer. However, after being told by others that being a singer was an unrealistic goal, she took the alternative route to singing for family, friends, and churches.

Nevertheless, when God places a passion and vision in your life, it is hard to ignore. Hence, Linette decided fully dedicate her time to music. As a way of committing to her vision, Linette organized her busy schedule so that she could consistently go the music studio and work on her album.

Her diligence and determination paid off as she debuted her first album “Unapologetically Kingdom,” at her home church on March 31. This eclectic gospel album is uniquely crafted in that it contains a mixture of genres, which can appeal to a broad audience. In regards to appeal, the album is reflective of Linette herself—Inviting, vibrant, relatable, colorful, and inspirational.

Some of her personal highlights from the album include the songs “God I Need You” and “Did It All For Me.” “God I Need You” focuses on the conflict an individual experiences while serving and being active in the church, but personally being unable to trust the God in which he or she serves.

She states the song “ Did It All for Me” is her personal testimony of her relationship with God. This song describes the joy in her ability to develop self-confidence, once as she is able to view herself in the way that God views her.

The overall concept of the album was to place an emphasis on developing a personal relationship with God, so that one could truly be a follower of God and not Religion. Spending time with God allows a person to understand the mindset of God, which eventually leads to a Kingdom mindset, according to Linette. She hopes her album encourages everyone to evolve in his or her relationship with God, enjoy life, and not be so rigid. Linette acknowledges that she has overcome many obstacles, has had numerous achievements, and has become a better Christian because of relationship with God. When I asked Linette what advice would she give her younger self, this wise beauty shared the following with me: 1) Trust God’s Timing, 2) You're a born winner.

This is sage advice that all of us can use as we strive to be our best in life. Lynette Bailey is a Millennial woman, who blesses the community with her presence and compassion for others. She is a phenomenal woman from Port St. Joe who will continue to do amazing things in life and should remain Unapologetic for that.