After learning about the Davenports, Williams was heartbroken over the thought of a sick child.



Early in May, Silvia Williams received a call from the Davenports, a family that had to cancel their trip to Gulf County a day before arrival because of a medical emergency.

Williams, the owner of Serenity Beach Rentals, spoke to the family and was informed that their son suffers from a rare genetic disorder and had to be rushed into emergency surgery.

The Davenports, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, have not one, but two children with a life-threatening genetic disease.

The couple welcomed a baby boy named Kruz in 2013, and a little over of a year later a baby girl, Paizlee, was born.

Unbeknownst to the couple, they both carried an extremely rare mutated gene, which caused both of their children to be born with a rare genetic disease named Schimke Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia, or SIOD.

A very rare form of dwarfism, the disease causes renal failure and a weakened immune system.

There have been only six confirmed cases in the United State, with less than 50 worldwide.

The Davenports are the first reported siblings that share the disease.

Even with a kidney transplant, life expectancy is only nine to 11 years.

After learning about the Davenports, Williams was heartbroken over the thought of a sick child.

“When you have kids you just want them to be healthy,” Williams said.

Williams was already developing a t-shirt design for guests as an option on to their reservations, and after hearing the story of the Davenports was motivated to go one step further.

“I literally couldn’t stop thinking about them and I was thinking about what I could do,” Williams said.

The rental property manager was inspired by a quote by Leo Buscaglia and an urge to do a little bit more.

“There is someone out there that can benefit from what you have to offer, no matter how small it is,” Williams said.

Now Williams will be offering the T-shirts to guests and anyone who would like to purchase them and will use the proceeds to help families like the Davenports.

Through her rental company, Williams will be offering a free stay yearly to a family with a child that is facing medical struggles.

“They can just come to the beach for four days and not have to worry about anything,” Williams said. “They can make memories that after their children have passed on they can kind of remember that special time.”

The shirt will feature either Cape San Blas or Mexico Beach and will include a heart over the area as well as the Serenity logo within the Superman symbol on the back of the shirt.

According to Williams, the heart represents the heart of the local community as well as the love that visitors have for this area, while the Superman symbol represents the superhero-like qualities that the children represent.

Williams already has the support of her two most popular rental owners and therefore has the space for the first two years of families.

Williams gives credit to the local community for making a special place for out-of-town families to visit.

“I have a ton of repeat guests,” said Williams. “They love the houses, they love the area, and they all talk about how when they come here it is just an extension of their home.”

Williams also mentioned the possibility of getting other rental companies and businesses involved to make it a community effort.

“People are excited, especially to help children,” Williams said. “I think people will do almost anything to bring a smile to a child’s face.”

Williams manages 14 properties and sees the vacation giveaway as just one more layer to her story.

“It just makes it (business) a little bit more meaningful. So I am excited about that,” Williams said.

Kruz Davenport is now out of the hospital but needs dialysis every night.

In the coming months, Kruz’s father Kyle will provide him with a healthy kidney.

Young Paizlee’s kidney has begun to show signs of deterioration and eventually, her mother, Jessica, will provide her a healthy kidney.

After receiving Kruz’s diagnosis, the Davenports started a foundation named the Kruz’n for a Kure Foundation.

In a year, the foundation has raised $404,172 for research being done at Stanford University in California.

Initially, all important research data was being held in Canada until the Davenports reached out and got the data moved to Stanford.

The foundation covers the cost of the research at a price of $30,000 a month.

The Davenports were blown away by the support they have received from Williams.

Young Kruz was excited to go to the beach and even spoke about it while in the hospital.

Expecting to be out the cost of the trip, Jessica Davenport was surprised when she received a full refund, a handwritten card, and a beach towel in the mail.

The family was even further blown away when Williams contacted them about her idea.

“It means the world to our family and our community,” Davenport said.

Davenport is hopeful that her family can make their first trip to the area sometime in the spring after Kruz receives and heals his kidney transplant.

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