One of the main lessons we all learned in kindergarten was how to cooperate with our fellow classmates

One of the main lessons we all learned in kindergarten was how to cooperate with our fellow classmates. Some of us may have even learned how to cooperate earlier by watching Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Many folks in Port St. Joe must have really paid attention to their cooperation lessons judging by what happened near businesses on Industrial Road last week.

Shop owners noticed a pregnant, scared dog that mostly stayed out of sight. She would not let anyone get near her.

The business owners kept an eye on her and then noticed she was not pregnant anymore. Port St. Joe police officers along with shop owners provided food and water and tried to befriend her.

They began to gain her trust but did not want to take her without locating her puppies. After a week, mom moved the young ones out of the woods and into a culvert near a business parking lot.

As time marched on, with all the business owners and police officers cooperating, two of the puppies were rescued when they wandered out of the culvert.

It became imperative that the mom and the other babies be found.

Melody Townsend, Director of the St. Joseph’s Bay Humane Society (SJBHS), was called.

She picked up the rescued pups and then headed back to the area to work in cooperation with business owners and police officers to rescue mom and kids.

This process to capture mom and pups lasted from around 9 a.m. ET until nearly 5 p.m.

Through patience, coaxing, and cooperation the mom and two more pups were in safe hands. As the mom was loaded in to the SJBHS van she wagged and wagged her tail.

Mom and kids are doing fine in a wonderful foster home after being examined at the shelter. The pups will be fostered until they are ready for adoption. Mom will also be ready for a forever home too.

The business owners and police officers who were involved in the daylong rescue continued to check on the health and wellbeing of “their” pups.

One business owner left a very generous donation to help cover some of the cost of caring for the family.

As a new school year begins let’s hope that the new class of kindergarteners learn their valuable lessons about “Cooperation” and then carry the knowledge with them in to adulthood.

SJBHS thanks the Port St. Joe adults that did not forget the lessons they learned in kindergarten!