If you were an 8 year-old boy who loves dogs and cats, what would be the best job ever for your mom? For Lucas Rodgers, animal lover, his momma has the best job ever

If you were an 8 year-old boy who loves dogs and cats, what would be the best job ever for your mom? For Lucas Rodgers, animal lover, his momma has the best job ever. Caisey Rodgers, Lucas’s mom, is the Interim Director and Senior Adoption Coordinator at the St. Josephs Bay Humane Society (SJBHS). Lucas gets to spend time as a volunteer at the shelter and his family also adopts and fosters shelter animals. Below is my interview with Lucas about his experiences with shelter animals.

1. What do you like best about your mom working at SJBHS?

“I like that I can help animals and learn about them. I like learning about their life and what can happen when you don’t take care of them. I didn’t know animals could get worms until I started working with momma.”

2. What is your favorite animal? Why?

“I like dogs and cats. Cats are nice and don’t bite. They are fun to play with when you hold a string. I like dogs because they are fast like me. I like when they are playful. Pompeii, my foster dog, isn’t very playful but I like to love on him.”

3. When you visit the shelter which animals do you visit first?

“I always see the cats first because they are the closest when I come in.”

4. What is your favorite activity while at the shelter?

“My favorite activity is helping momma take pictures of the animals to put on the website and Facebook.”

5. Which shelter animal has been your all-time favorite? Why?

“My favorite animal of all time is Sparrow. She was a baby when she came in and momma let me foster her and her sisters. I got to bottle feed them and make sure they were safe. I helped momma adopt the kittens out. It made me really sad and happy. I cried every time one left. I was sad because I loved them and wanted to keep them but I was happy because they had a real home. Momma let me adopt Sparrow for my birthday! Adopting her was my favorite part! Sparrow and I play every day!”


6. Do you help name incoming shelter animals? What would be a great name for a new cat? Dog?

“I don’t help with naming too much. I did name my foster kittens. I think Silver would be a good girl name and Nugget would be a good boy name.”

7. What do you want to do when you’re an adult?

“I want to be a football player when I grow up. But here is the thing, I want a lot of animals – like maybe 5 dogs, 4 cats, a guinea pig, a bird, and a goat!”


Lucas also thinks it would be a great idea for other kids to know that there are really good animals at the shelter. He also has great ideas about shelter management. He thinks SJBHS should have meetings to teach kids and adults about the animals.

“We should talk about what we plan to do,” Lucas said. “Maybe folks could help raise money for surgeries, medicine, and also enough to keep the building safe. It is important to keep the animals safe, warm, and have a good home.”

Football player, animal rescuer, veterinarian, or all three, this little man is on his way to success. Thank you Lucas for providing your insights about the St. Josephs Bay Humane Society and keep up the great work with the animals. It sounds like you also have the best job ever.