While driving to work this morning, I noticed a rather odd raccoon

While driving to work this morning, I noticed a rather odd raccoon. The raccoon seemed to be lying on its back, staring right at me or up the road. It looked intact, in that it didn’t look like it had been hit by a car, but I was pretty sure it had been. It was just odd, the way that the little fellow seemed so content to be on its back and looking at me.

This caused me to think about my latest attempt to clean out the garage. I guess it was the contentment of the raccoon, along with the fact that I was pretty sure the raccoon was dead. Cleaning out the garage is one of those things you want to do before it is your time to move on (at least it is one of mine).

A family with kids can load up a garage over the years; I suppose one fellow can fill up his garage if he has a habit of keeping shovels and yard tools with no handles and every extra screw, nail and bolt he ever bought or found. You know the excuse – “I might just need that someday.”

I might just need some of those things I’m saving, but my trouble is that I will have to be able to locate them in my garage. Those plastic organizers with little drawers look so snappy in the store. You imagine yourself labeling all the drawers and going out to the garage and finding exactly what you need.

You get the plastic drawers home, you make labels and put your extra screws, nails, nuts and bolts in there and you are happy. Then the weeks, months and years pass. You no longer pay attention to the labels on the little drawers, because you know you have been putting all kinds of stuff into your little drawers without regard to what the label says.

Drawers are missing, because you have taken them all over the garage and the house, telling yourself you will put them back… You don’t… You step on a couple… They break… The drawers lose their appeal…

You could have tried baby food jars and coffee cans like you remember your father using for screws, nails and the like, but they seem harder to come by with no babies in the house and coffee coming in plastic jars, bags and little expensive pod things.

You get discouraged… You lose track of time… All the kids are in college at the same time. You start putting things in boxes and putting the boxes in the garage. More stuff that you might need some day.

Cabinets full of gallon and quart paint cans, spray paint cans and enough brushes and rollers to paint the whole house a few times. You know you never will. If you could just paint the garage walls and maybe the floor, you feel like you could start picking out a cemetery plot.

I’m close to having my garage cleaned out and painted. I guess I should say “Kind of close.” I haven’t picked out the cemetery plot yet, but listening to country music while painting the garage did get me started on a playlist for my funeral. I’m not making light of dying, I don’t want to go yet. However, I do want to get the garage cleaned out before I do.

Then I’ll have that “storage room” in the basement, my “office,” and heaven forbid – the attic.

What have I done?

Perhaps that raccoon did clean out his garage, or perhaps he had been living in mine and I didn’t know it. Maybe the shock of my taking on the task of cleaning mine out is what got him… Then again, maybe that raccoon wasn’t dead. He might have just wanted to see what the world looked like “upside down.”

When I finish cleaning out the garage, maybe I’ll lie on my back and see what it looks like. No, that would just make me realize the ceiling needs painting also.

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