I look forward to December because I like listening to Christmas music, the smell of all the greenery in the house and having all of my children under the same roof

I look forward to December because I like listening to Christmas music, the smell of all the greenery in the house and having all of my children under the same roof. I always thought it would be easier when they left, but it has not been. It’s easier when you can hug them, see them and talk to them face to face rather than sending text messages and smiley faces.

Deciding to get an early start right after Thanksgiving, I found more than one radio station already playing Christmas music. Honestly, I think the stores starting putting out the decorations and holiday shopping catalogs right after all of the Halloween candy and pumpkins were sold off.

You know December actually means “tenth month” from the old Roman calendar that had only ten months and started with March. I didn’t try to figure out what happened to January and February, I can only assume they just divided March up in the same way they split Virginia up to form Kentucky in 1792 and West Virginia in 1863.

December is filled with significant days that are meaningful to various religions, but it is also filled with a lot of interesting holidays that most of us forget or most likely never even knew about.

Perhaps, since I like December so much, I should just start observing all of these other holidays and listen to my Christmas music while I do. “Eat a Red Apple” Day is celebrated on December 1 and I would have to think it was started by some apple farmers or perhaps a produce market. You wouldn’t think a doctor would have started it unless they had already made enough money for the year and wanted to take the month off.

In the first seven days of December, you can also find special holidays for fritters, wearing brown shoes, bathtub parties and cotton candy. I know the 7th is “Pearl Harbor Day” and I think we should forever observe it seriously. But… if you do want to throw a party in your bathtub, you would do that on the 5th. It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Follow that up with holidays related to brownies (as in chocolate), ice cream (in December?), lemon cupcakes, maple syrup and “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day” on the 16th of December. I find this puzzling, because you would think that “Bathtub Party Day” would come right after the chocolate covering anything day, but it comes over a week after it.

Later in the month, you can find “National Pumpkin Pie Day,” “National Fruitcake Day” and “Bacon Day.” I’m partial to all of those foods – yes, even fruitcake. The day celebrating fruitcakes actually comes on the 27th, which I am sure has to do with some non-fruitcake lovers who need to throw out their fruitcakes they have received as gifts. I would be happy to take your unwanted fruitcakes off your hands.

If that’s not enough for you, December is “Bingo Month.” Perhaps the colder weather drives folks inside. The game itself was originally called “Beano,” like the pills you take for gas – no relation though. Bingo was first played at a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. It just happens that the New York toy salesman renamed it “Bingo” after hearing someone accidently yell “Bingo” instead of “Beano.”

I’m really not sure how I would feel about being in a crowded room of folks sitting around tables and hearing them yell “Beano.” I think I would be scared. Therefore, as experience shows, sometimes mistakes lead to better things.

Yes, there are a lot of strange and somewhat useless holidays in December, but it is a special month that I hope you enjoy with family, friends and fruitcakes if they are your fancy.


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