Volunteers gathered to serve the community

Oak Grove Church was a busy place on Thanksgiving Day, the room filled with laughter and about 80 volunteers. The committee members, Jim and Bunnie Gainnie, Jerry Stokoe, Ron Kelly and Dianne Semmes wishes to thank the following people because without them this wonderful event would not be possible.

Keith and Lisa Croasmun, Billie and Peter Barnes, Julie Hodges, Cory Phelps, Samuel H., Fisher Vandertulip, Bill Vandertulip, Hunter Vandertulip, Adison Burkett, Towana Ashworth, Grayson Harris, Abby Cozine, Trent Belcher, Audrey Harris, Jenn Boulanger, Allie Osborne, Mary Jo Walsh, Bunnie Miller, Melissa Finch, Chasity Finch, Taylor Boulanger, Lindsay Watson, Baylee and Peyton Watson, Christine Bonaparte, Caio Bonaparte, Caline Bonaparte, Angela Coleman, Izzy Coleman, Charlie Black, Quen Lamb, Wesley Chapman, Ben Welch;

Amy Keith, Xavier Maestri, Sam Burkett, James Jiles, Ronnie B., Nancy Blake, Quinci Elphinstone, Tony Almon, Mary Kelly, Tyler Guthrie, Lucky Beaumont, Loretta Costin, Leonard Costin, Judy and Steve, Sylvia and Joe Whaley, John Neseneier, Lucas Love, Candy Nesemeier, Peyton Nesemeier, Ana La Cinta, Travis Roberson, Ella Dimitrijevich, Emily Mosley, Kelley Mosley, Betsy Mosley, Steve Kelly, Dana Kelly, Amy Lee Kelly, Danica Kelly, Suzy Kelly, Ava-Georgia and Mr. Charlie, David and Janet Crown, Tina Smith, Roy Smith, Mariane and Will (Kelly) Brown and kids.

These wonderful volunteers put smiles on hundreds of people in Gulf County. Thank you all for a fun-filled and God-embraced day.