A fugitive pug is back to its owners

Tamara Riggans and Kres Farr were just having a burger last Thursday.

They had business appointments, were early, so McDonald’s seemed a fine place to sit.

They sat until the pug ran past.

Running out in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, heading to U.S. 98, clearly lost, clearly out of its element.

Kres jumped up and gave chase.

We shall pause here to make some declarations.

Kres and Tamara are dog lovers. They have four rescue dogs, Tamara said.

They volunteer at the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society.

They also have recent success rescuing a pot-bellied pig along State 30A, so pug had met his match, though we will not know this for sure for another 90 minutes.

We will also note a fact unknown to Kres and Tamara as the chase began.

This was a pug on the run.

The police had been trying to round him up for a week.

There were reports to the humane society and animal control about the runaway pug.

“We didn’t know we were chasing a fugtive pug,” Tamara said with a laugh.

In any case, Kres gave chase but lost the pug around The Port Inn.

She returned to McDonald’s a bit crestfallen; the dog, incredibly ran past again, this time headed toward Highland View and yes, two bridges.

“Kres just said, ‘I’ve got to get that dog,’” Tamara said, before instructing Tamara to, anybody guess?: buy a burger, for the dog.

Now in their truck, and yes, they carry leashes at all times, the pug was cornered under the first, small, bridge, not far from Five-Star.

The dog, panting, was drinking from a puddle and Kres and Tamara were breaking the burger in pieces in attempt to lure the pug close.

“That pug does not have an aggressive bone in his body,” Tamara said. “He was just lost.”

They figured they had the pug cornered when, incredibly, it made a dash and began climbing in the direction of the larger, higher Tapper Bridge.

The two women hit the bridge.

Kres got out of the truck near the top, yes, she understood that was not entirely legal, and Tamara drove to the other side.

Near the top of the bridge, just picture it, the dog hesitated and ran into the middle of the road.

“For about two minutes traffic was pretty much stopped,” Tamara said. “Other people got out of their cars and were trying to help Kres get this dog.”

Meanwhile, SJBHS shelter director Casey Rodgers was en route by vehicle, getting constant updates from Tamara.

Not yet have we reached the end of this dog tale.

The pug, being its little resistant self, eluded capture and headed down the Highland View side of the bridge, Kres in chase soon joined by Tamara and another, “very nice” gentleman, also in a truck.

The pug ended up beachside and Tamara figured she would just drive along.

“I figured I would wear him out,” Tamara said. “He was already drooling pretty good.”

Ultimately, the pug dodging through traffic and reached a neighborhood near the now-empty convenience store just over the Highland View side of the bridge.

Tamara and the man noticed a fenced yard with an open gate and maneuvered their vehicles to corral the pug into the yard and quickly close the gate.

“That little pug was worn out,” Tamara said. “He had given everything.”

And it all had a happy ended.

The pug was ultimately united by the Humane Society with its owners, members of the extended Gant family.

For Tamara and Kres, kind of sounded like another day in the life.

“We just tend to have these kind of adventures,” Tamara said. “And we do a lot of work with the humane society.

“We really appreciate anybody on the top of that bridge who stopped and helped us.”