Attend the "sneek peek" Feb. 24



“Friends of the Library members listen to audiobooks when they travel,” said Cathy Colbert, President of the Friends of the Library. “We think a lot of other folks do, too, and we decided to make an investment in our local collection.

The Friends ask you to drop by the Corinne Costin Gibson Library at 11 a.m. ET Saturday, Feb. 24, to view our first shipment of new audiobooks that have arrived, ready to check out.

“We expect at least two more shipments, as we add carefully, customizing each order to balance old proven favorites with new and making sure we have books for both old and young,” Colbert said.

Penny Weining has prepared a catalogue describing each new addition, including a brief description to help patrons make a decision. The booklet will be kept at the library desk so that it is always available.

Linda Shepherd and Mary Gibson served on the selection committee and welcome suggestions for the next order. Suggestions can be submitted at the “first peek” on Feb. 24.

In addition to the commitment to increasing our local collection of listenable books, the Friends have made a contribution of $14,100 to enlarge and enhance the book collection. The Friends of the Library welcome new members.

The group meets at 4:30 p.m. ET the first Monday of each month, except the summer.