Dear Editor,

I raise crops on a 100-acre farm. Until recently, we also raised cattle and had timber and pastureland. It’s exciting that the Trump Administration is helping the farmers. Farmers are the backbone of this country, and the government shouldn’t place restrictions that keep them from using their own land productively.

I already know what to do with my property, and it’s not necessary for others to instruct me what to do. About a year and a half ago, I read that the EPA even wanted to control mud puddles on Americans’ private land. No one is going to come on my land and tell me what I can do with my own water. I have a few ponds, and they belong to me, not the government. I’m glad the Trump EPA is standing up for the farmers on that.

I’m also glad the EPA is lifting the ban on safe pesticide use. Farmers have to be committed to conserving the land. We used to own a crop-dusting service, and we certainly didn’t spray close to any place we weren’t supposed to spray. It’s just being sensible and doing the right thing. The same thing goes for the livestock emissions. If you’re talking about cattle on pasture, measuring emissions it totally impossible. This is no place for government over-reach.

Moving forwards, we need to count on scientists to run the proper tests. We do not need the government stepping in where it only stifles productivity and doesn’t help anyone. The Trump Administration is helping the farmers, and it’s doing a great job at it.

Reggie Patrick

Gulf County