Linda Sertich volunteered in her native Minnesota


The following appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in the days leading up the Super Bowl.

Among others, it featured a local resident.


Northland volunteers assist in Super Bowl



With the Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Patriots taking place, and associated activities happening all week, Minneapolis was filled with people from around the country and the world who are going to the game or are just stopping by for the festivities.

To put on a week full of activities for visitors, thousands of volunteers were needed to help out.

Super Bowl volunteers have come to the Twin Cities from all over the world to be part of the experience — including some from the Northland.

Duluth native returns from Florida

Linda Sertich retired seven years ago and moved from Duluth — where she was born and raised — to Port St. Joe, Fla. But when the opportunity arose to volunteer in her home state during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, she jumped at the chance.

"I saw it on Facebook and I knew I would be taking care of my son's house during Super Bowl week in Minneapolis, so since I was going to be in town anyways, I thought it would be fun," she said.


Sertich had to fly in twice for an interview and a pep rally for volunteers before flying in last week to volunteer. She said she ended up doing her training online because it was moved for the Vikings' playoff game and then canceled after the Twin Cities was hit by a snowstorm on Jan. 22.

Sertich worked as a Skyway host Sunday through Tuesday, and she said it was a blast.

"It was a lot of fun," she said. "I would volunteer more this week by my family is coming back into town."

Sertich said the first day was pretty slow as many people weren't in town yet, but the traffic picked up by Monday and Tuesday. Sertich said visitors had some tough questions — but luckily her teammate had all the answers.

"The one teammate that I had Tuesday was a postman, so it was very interesting because he worked within the buildings downtown," she said. "So if we had a hard question like where an office was, he would know."

So who is Sertich rooting for on Sunday?

"I was going to go with the Eagles, but after what I saw of how they treated Vikings after the (NFC championship) game, I'm now going to go with New England because you have to be nice no matter what," she said.