The Wewa Womans's Club offers some tips




The General Federation of Woman’s Clubs nationwide focuses its attention in February to the issue of Teen Dating Violence. If you know four (4) dating Teens chances are one of them is in a relationship with a power hungry bully, abusive girlfriend or boyfriend. Yes, here in Gulf County. Dating violence knows no cultural, economic or educational boundaries.

The GFWC Wewahitchka Woman’s Club wants you to be aware of these signs:

• Child appears sadder lately

• Child is spending more time with boy/girlfriend than other friends

• Child is spending less time on previous interests/activities. Perhaps dropping out.

• Child has unexplained bruises or sore spots on body

• Child seems stressed/preoccupied with social media interactions

• Child, if asked, says the problem is his/her fault


Here’s what you can do:

• Take specific notes about what you see

• Calmly discuss your perception with your child

• Seek professional guidance from school counselor and/or local services before taking any action against abuser.

Local abuse hotline: Local/229-2901 or 1-800-252-2597