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Matt Casse: They'll absolutely waste that $20 billion on something else if not a wall. In any case, it seems Republicans are content with emulating the Democrats' reckless spending habits.

Jonathon Naquin: And that justifies it how?

Matt Casse: You're right, they should spend it on cruise missiles instead.

Beau C Jackson: Republicans outspend Democrats every time they are in office. Who is reckless?

Matt Casse: Don't know how you can say that after our debt and credit rating was destroyed under Obama's regime.

Martin Wade: Build a big wall. Someone will build a bigger ladder. Study the Roman Empire. The walls were breached, and the result? Everybody is spending money. What happened to Congress? Spend that deficit. No. Tax and then spend. Try building a wall 3,000 miles long. Ask China how that worked.

Kenneth Luquette: So you’re going to tear down the fence around your house?

Erin Pollet: I have a fence to keep my dogs in and so my neighbors can’t see me walking around in the house. Is that why we’re building a wall?

Jesse Billiot: You kind of made his point.

Erin Pollet: How? My fence is there to keep my dogs inside. It’s hardly a deterrent for people trying to get in. But it does support my theory that Trump wants a wall to keep us all from escaping.

Scott Sullivan: You think a wall will keep them out? Lol.

Kenny Sims: It's a great start.

Scott Sullivan: Start for what?

Scott Sullivan: We could use those funds on our veterans and impoverished citizens.

Kenny Sims: What's an impoverished citizen?

Scott Sullivan: Lol. Louisiana education at its finest.

Emelie Cheramie: It’s 2018. We should be tearing down walls, not putting them up.

Dustin Wells: Why put locks and doors on your house? People can just pick the locks and kick the doors in right? No border security is 100 percent, but to do nothing is ridiculous. An actual border along with allowing the border police to actually do their jobs is the best way to stop the influx of illegal immigration into the country. Is the wall a big expense? Hell yeah, it is. But not nearly the expense of illegal immigration. So what exactly is wrong with a wall?

Terri Enrica: Most of you first- and second-generation immigrants really need Jesus. Why waste money on building walls when there are so many tunnels? Dredge the rivers, making them deeper and wider✅ That area in Texas where we almost hit Mexico we need to use explosives, then plant landmines like they do on the shores of South Korea. Again, spending billions on a wall is asinine. There has to be an easier way.

Jake Zeringue: I don't know why people are surprised. He’s been talking about building a wall since 2016.

Tina Trosclair: Harsher penalties when you enter illegally would help more than a wall.

Allen Lecompte: If they need a welder I’ll go help. Lol.

Jesse Billiot: Yes. We are a sovereign country.

Virginia Rachal: Yes.

Jacob Leblanc: No.

Troy Stringer Yes!

Timothy Pickering: Absolutely.

Susan VanderBent: No.

Danny Domangue: Yes.

Karen Diggs: Absolutely. Build it high and wide. We must have better control over our immigration. And start punishing those that hire illegals. All of them.

Joshua Voisin: Yes it is. Build that wall. Give them all the resources they need, and deport all illegals.