What is the benefit for me to stay in the care center for treatment rather than going to the emergency room?

What a great question! The short answer is that our team specializes in complex medical care and we can handle most situations or medical developments in house. Our staff are well trained to manage IV’s, breathing treatments, assess vital signs, order labs, and order x-ray’s. Often we can start these types of care and services in a shorter amount of time than calling for a non-emergency ambulance and a long wait at an emergency room so they can run the same tests. We can treat in-house and assess for future care. Of course, in an emergency situation we will always call an ambulance.

The long answer is that chronically sick, elderly patients, tend to do better over all if they are treated by the same team of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and care givers. Our staff get to know their patient so they can provide patient centered care. That means we get to know each person by what they want and need. We know you, and often your family, on a personal level. Our staff are trained to recognize what is normal or not normal for you. The care center is our patients home, whether it’s a short term stay or a long term stay. It’s always more comfortable to stay in your own home for treatment rather than leave your home. That means, in many cases, our residents have the comfort of staff who know them, their own bed, and no disruption of care.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services nearly 45 percent of ER visits could have been avoided. Trips to the emergency room can take a physical toll on an already sick patient. It puts the patient at higher risk for skin break down, skin tears, psychosocial trauma, increased confusion, increased risk of infection, falls, and an increase in pain. We love taking care of people. It is our passion. We want people to know there is value in using the resources we provide in our care center.

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Remember, treat everyone with importance and always be kind.