Service to community



The young men from the Bear Den of local Cub Scout Pack 347 went out on one of their meeting days and decided to perform a conservation project for our community.

The members of this Bear den decided they would like to clean the beach near Salinas Park and the park its self of all trash left on the ground. They were led by Cub Master Abby Cozine and while working diligently ended up with almost two black garbage bags of trash that had been left on the ground.

These young men also learned how to properly police an area the Boy Scout way so we would not miss any trash while performing our duty.

In scouting it is required that’s scouts perform three hours of community service and another three hours of a conservation project, and with that being said we should be proud to have these fine young men in scouts and our community working hard to make our world a better place.

If you have a young man between the ages of 6 and 10 and would like for him to be a part of this program you may contact Miss Abby Cozine at 340-0960 or Mr. Bill Van Der Tulip for scouts ages 11 to 18. This program is run by nationally-certified leaders and look forward to working with your child.