Ongoing work part of multi-year project




The Gulf County Board of County Commissioners has recognized for some time that the water breaking through the Stump Hole rock revetment is an access/egress and environmental issue for property owners and visitors and has done what it could to help protect the Cape San Blas Road and St. Joseph Bay.

The project has been carried out by the BOCC through grants.

In 1996, then-Commissioner Warren Yeager led the way to get 2,100 linear feet of engineered rock abutment placed at the Stump Hole approved and permitted by Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The Engineering was done by MRD Engineering.

This had to be done in stages to obtain grant funding. The present project is funded through Florida Department of Transportation funds and MGP to take the rock abutment to the Eglin Property. These FDOT TRIP Funds are available to Gulf County and the BOCC has chosen to use them at the Stump Hole over the life of this project.

This abutment gives as much protection as possible and the current work completes the project to the southern end of the Stump Hole. This portion of the project cost is $1.4 million (and no this funding cannot be used for sand). The total project cost to date has been $3.8 million.

IC Contractors has been contracted to do this portion of the project and the anticipated completion date is July 1.

Thanks once again for Yeager and the BOCC for rising to the challenge of Saving the Cape and Protecting our St. Joseph Bay.