Dear Editor,

I realize that I’m beating a dead horse but I cannot let the letter from Butch Kline go unanswered. A number of his contentions warrant further review.

First one must ask how many of the “Save the Cape” campaign or “CCA” members actually live within the “MSTU.” For that matter, how many of the County Commissioners or their staff live there? In my experience it’s always a lot easier to spend other people’s money. Is that what’s happening here?

Butch said, “If the game isn’t played per your rules, you picked up your ball and went home.” Well, unfortunately, many of us out here were duped into voting to giving up “the ball,” without the option of picking it back up and going home. Given the opportunity, many of us would.

He says that the MSTU was “overwhelmingly” approved by the interior and bay side homeowners. How many votes actually constitute “overwhelmingly” and how did he come to believe that those voters based their votes on their desire to “help save the cape, and not based on how much sand their homes would receive…” Well, I’m one of those voters and, in all honesty, I never expected to get any sand “at my home.” I voted in favor of the “MSTU” in the expectation that all of the beaches within the “MSTU” would be expanded. Isn’t that what we were led to believe during the campaign? Well that’s what the voters in my neighborhood understood, and yes, I did actually speak with them. For what it matters, that’s also what my neighboring non-resident rental property owners believed and have told me.

Finally, I’ve lived here for the past four years and visit the beach, north of Rish Park to the State Park line, frequently. The contention that the beach is growing “at the rate of 1-2 feet per year…” is simply untrue. I can see that with my own old eyes! Maybe the beaches north of the park line are growing, but they’re not growing here.

One thing Butch and I do agree on is that anonymous letters are worthless, however I do support “Sand for All or Sand for None”!

David O. Tritsch,

Voting resident homeowner