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Jacob Leblanc: Protests mean nothing? Did people forget the change that came from protests in the 50s and 60s. These things take time. And these kids that you think are jokes and don't know anything will be voting in the coming years. Change is coming, and you can't stop it.

Jordan Billiot: I find that hard to believe when they are busy eating Tide Pods.

Chris Matherne: This is ignorant protesting at it's finest. When kids are protesting to have their rights taken away, that's when you know the education system in our country has failed. Kids don't know real history anymore. That's why we're doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and the mistakes of other countries. Kids these days want a socialist society but fail to realize what that will mean for the future of our country and the people.

Ray Brunet: Ask the American Indians if you should give up your guns and trust the government. Did we forget History?

Gene Milford: Ask a handful of the students what specific law they are protesting. I would bet that not one of them could answer. It's nothing more than ignorant monkey see, monkey do.

Freddie Rodrigue: Because they aren't protesting a law. They are protesting for change. Its not a political statement. It's about community safety.

Mike Leabo: Then they should start with changing themselves. More of their classmates commit suicide than are killed in school shootings. Both of those can be traced back to the way the kids are treated by their peers. So the real change will come when they either quit bullying others into such a low state or start standing up to the ones doing the bullying.

Hayes Garrett: This will be over before you can say, “Where is my iPhone and a Tide pod?”

Matt Casse: Change as in they'll vote for someone under the false pretense that he or she has their best interests at heart? That's a laugh.

Nick Stassi: Yeah, let's let a bunch of self-centered underdeveloped children shape American policy. Surely nothing could go wrong.

Freddie Rodrigue: People aren't understanding what is behind this movement. This isn't a political. This is about safety in the community. It isn't about banning guns, but we have to do something, anything. Every time there is a school shooting or mass shooting and we do nothing, it is pure idiocy. I am not in support of a gun ban, but there has got to be better laws and better mental health care. There has got to be a better way of doing things. To do nothing is stupid.

Levurn Charpentier: Did they protest saying everybody except the minority communities. No, they didn't. You're just feeling sorry for yourself.

Seth Pontiff: Of course they fail to show the kids who refused to protest or wanted to march for the victims but were opposed to the gun-reform protests. And those same kids are being told they are “bad people” by their classmates because of that choice. Sad.

Robert White: You've got to understand that adults failed these kids, especially with that last school shooting in Florida. The warning signs were everywhere. Hope you understand that generation will be in charge before you know it.

Shari Champagne: Political protests have no place in schools. Tax dollars are grossly misappropriated while teaching these students there is no law and order if you do not want there to be. Never believe this has anything to do with making schools safe. It’s a Democratic indoctrination of young people. It is absolutely unbelievable. Are there protests to stop the bullying that often leads to school shootings? No.

As a bullying consultant, I know.

RL Davis: Sadly none will do this for the gun violence that plagues the minority communities.

Jennifer Smith: Last I checked, most were protesting all forms of gun violence.

RL Davis: Really. Stop grazing in the media pastures, little sheep.

RL Davis: New Orleans is one of the worst cities for gun violence. Never, ever, ever, ever will you see a protest of any kind on the news to stop the violence or marching down the street chanting dumb slogans.

Jacob Leblanc: So what you're saying is that an all gun violence protest isn't specific enough to address black gun violence? Odd considering you probably side with All Lives Matter over Black Lives Matter.

RL Davis: There you go with labeling race. Typical Democrat response. There are more than one race in poor communities. All lives do matter. Sounds like you have a problems with valuing everyone's life.

Hayes Garrett: It’s not gun violence; it’s the people.

RL Davis: Ssssshhhhh. Too much logic will get you labeled.

RL Davis: You missed it with your race-labeling statement. Not everything in life has to be about hate. Try and be humble or maybe even happy with life. It's awesome.

Leroy Billiot: If they only had a brain.

Jennifer Smith: Every student should have real-life lessons in civil disobedience. It's the American way.

Hayes Garrett: If your child walks out and demands the government take away more rights from them, you have failed them as a parent.

Jacob Leblanc: So to you, the right to kill via gun is more important than the right to live by not being murdered. Lovely.

Hayes Garrett: And that statement shows precisely your level of intellect.

Levurn Charpentier: This small protest these teens did last week means nothing at all. They have no idea what's going on.