Terrebonne General Medical Center

Feb. 27: Luna Catherine Boudreaux, child of Monique Boudreaux and Bruce Boudreaux Jr.

March 4: Kynzlee Ann Rollet, child of Elizabeth Roller.

March 10: Marcoby Michael Williams, child of Wykeisha Jones and Michael Williams.

March 11: Paisley Rose Duncan, child of Shyerael Duncan.

March 12: Olivia Rose Legendre, child of Mary Legendre and Donny Legendre; Lillie Moe Prosperie, child of Beth Couvillier and Woody Prosperie.

March 13: Jaxon Thomas Knight, child of Jade Knight and Logan Knight.

March 14: Cameron Jade Price, child of Brittany Foxworth and Nick Price.

March 16: Wyatt Joseph Hebert, child of Ashley Hebert and Rusty Hebert; Auden Mason Hotard, child of Sarah Legnon and Bobby Hotard; Journei Frances Randall, child of Chrystal A. Randall.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

March 9: Shada Rita-Belle Troxler, child of Angelica Mitchell and John Troxler.

March 12: Brae Paul Bourgeois, child of Maddie Barrilleaux and Gregory Bourgeois; Ridge Michael Chiasson, child of Renee Chiasson and Evan Chiasson; Adelyn Margarete Haynie, child of Nadja Haynie and Jeffrey Haynie; Charlie Philip Miller III, child of Samantha Miller and Charles Miller Jr.

March 13: Camille Mary Blanchard, child of Caroline Blanchard and Christopher Blanchard.

March 14: Blaize′ Anthony Porche, child of Chelsea Cortez and Jeffrey Porche.