Already there are predictions for how this year’s hurricane season will go.

One forecast – put out by the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project –says that this year’s storm season will be an active one.

The good news here is that it really doesn’t matter what the forecast is.

This year could see a record number of hurricanes form, and if they all stay out at sea and away from humans and property, it will be a success. If, on the other hand, just one storm develops and it hits us, this year could be an utter disaster.

Of course, the more hurricanes there are, the greater the chance is that one will head this way. But even one is too many.

Last week’s prediction says there could be 14 named storms, seven hurricanes and three of category 3 or higher strength.

While the predictions are just that, they can be of use if we give them their proper consideration. If nothing else, they are a reminder that storm season – which runs from June 1 through the end of November – once again lurks just around the corner.

And, as we do every year, we have to prepare for the worst even as we hope for the best.

Work on improving our storm defenses continues, but the best defense we have is the ability and willingness to pay attention and follow orders.

We don’t have to be obsessed with the weather, but we all should keep a mindful eye on it as storm season arrives and progresses.

And we should resolve now to heed the official orders if local or state leaders tell us we should evacuate.

Beyond that, we can take the following weeks to make sure our own plans and preparations are in place – a process that will come in handy later if only to provide peace of mind.

Have a plan in place, and communicate it to your family, friends, neighbors and workers.

If you will be responsible for anyone who will need special attention during an emergency, find out now what you should do and which agencies you should notify.

Give some thought to preparing an emergency kit, something that contains clothing, toiletries, extra medication and anything else you might need if you have to evacuate.

Think now about how you will get your pets to safety.

We will be rooting for an uneventful hurricane season, but we can’t assume we’ll have one.


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