Committee chairs also named



The Joe Center for the Arts held its first official membership meeting on March 20 and elected a new board, officers and committee chairs. The membership also ratified its bylaws.

The following officers and committee chairs were named: Chair: Marcy Trahan, Vice Chair: Marcia Casey, Secretary: Judy Scott, Treasurer: Gretchen Mayes, FCCC Representative: Leslie Wentzel, Exhibition Chair: Linda Matela, Facility Chair: Rick Matela, Programs Chair: Nancy Jones, At-Large: Libby Newman, Marketing Chair: Open, Membership Chair: Open, Finance Chair: Open.

Some important upcoming dates:

• The First Annual Member Show (March 31-April 20)

• Forgotten Coast en Plein Air (May 4-13)

• Plein Air South (May 14-17)

• Plein Air South exhibit (May 18 to June 20)

• Summer exhibit (Turtles and Found Objects)