Dear Editor,

It seems that folks have taken to throwing eggs at things “maybe” that don’t have or can’t afford? Point in Question: RVs parked under sheds and located in family neighborhoods?

Boredom is a problem for those without imagination? Certainly parents of children work very hard to assist in this area, and maybe even grown-ups try?

The situation is that when an egg bursts on vehicle surfaces the damage can be very expensive. Paint has been known to peal or discolor.

What started as a “prank” now has become a very expensive problem!

How would one handle this situation…given that they discovered who had done the damage by throwing the egg(s)?

Well ….for one…..we would seek the harshest penalty allowed by law no matter the age of the perpetrator.

One’s hard effort to have and enjoy one’s life with extra “perks” shouldn’t be denied or hindered by those who “have a prank” in mind!

These pranksters probably don’t have a clue as to the cost of this vehicle nor do they care?

It is a shame that our society has lowered itself to such a level.

The situation described is prevailing in Wewahitchka…..the Sheriff Deputies that responded to our situation (twice) have told us that this is an epidemic!

With resources to provide only “ONE” deputy on patrol in each end of the county daily and on weekends…..provides little hope that the “Perps” would ever be apprehended? Certainly, the Sheriff would explain, “we are limited by our budget” and it’s a fair statement, but does little for the property owners?

Moral to this: What a waste… ruin one’s life by having a police record over a seemly very simple and harmless perceived prank? Rest assured that is the direction those who harm us and/or our property will face!


Bo and Lynn Williams