Dear Editor and fellow Gulf Countians

On March 27 of this year I sent this email to all the members of the Gulf County BOCC and as of April 9 have not received a response from any member.


As a Gulf County resident and voter I have always been an advocate of county wide voting in regards to the BOCC. Surely you must recognize voter's frustration when it comes to the fact that we can only cast our vote for 1 of the 5 commissioners who decide how to spend our tax dollars.

So where do you stand on this issue? Is anything being done to move this issue which is favored by a vast majority of Gulf Countians forward?

On another note.

Not answering emails takes moving BOCC meetings to a time (9 a.m.) when most working voters cannot attend, to another level of eliminating our input.

With the retirement of Mr. Butler does the County manager's job go automatically to Mr. Hammond?

Do we then need another assistant manager?

Should this position not be posted on the open market so that other perhaps more qualified candidates can apply?

More "good old boys" similiar to our Director of Parks?


Tom Knoche

Gulf County voter