Burglary and battery alleged



Port St. Joe city attorney Clint McCahill was arrested last Saturday night on burglary and battery charges.

Deputy Matthew Peek of the Gulf County Sheriff’s Office was the responding officer after a emergency call about a disturbance in a Marina Drive building.

The complainant, Keith Jones, called county law enforcement due to McCahill’s role as Port St. Joe city attorney.

McCahill, 49, was ultimately arrested for felony burglary of a structure and battery.

Tuesday his contract with the city was terminated. (See related story)

Peek was dispatched just before 10 p.m. ET last Saturday night to 260 Marina Drive in Port St. Joe, a commercial office building which also contains an apartment in which McCahill resides.

Jones, who said he sometimes sleeps in the office, said McCahill and his girlfriend entered the building and McCahill became upset about a bag of Jones’ belongings in the hallway.

When Jones went to retrieve the bag a verbal altercation between the two men ensued.

Jones said he was concerned the altercation would turn physical due to “McCahill’s yelling and level of intoxication.”

Jones said he went in his office and closed the door in an effort to defuse the situation. Jones also began recording a video on his phone in “fear of the situation becoming worse.”

In the video, Peek wrote, McCahill can be seen outside Jones’ door stating, “This is going down, me and Keith, tonight” several times, then walks out of camera view before the video ends.

Jones stated that McCahill exited McCahill’s apartment onto the balcony and forced his way into the side door of Jones’ office, approaching Jones “in an aggressive manner.”

Jones said he was forced into a defensive posture after running out of room to back up and Jones struck McCahill several times and was in turn struck by McCahill.

After the exchange of blows, Jones was able to get back in his office and lock the door.

Jones suffered a small abrasion under his left eye, redness under the left side of his chin and swelling and bruising to his right elbow.

Peek wrote that McCahill appeared to be intoxicated, slurring his speech and swaying back and forth while talking. He repeated he had come home and went inside his residence.

McCahill’s girlfriend said she did not witness the altercation.