Have you ever found yourself in a place that was awkward? I’m not talking about saying stupid things that you wished you had not have said. I do that all of the time. I’m talking about real places. Places that you either wandered into by mistake – maybe even places you didn’t understand were “awkward” until someone explained to you where you were.


I went to wedding recently and it was truly a beautiful wedding. I couldn’t hear very much that was going on up at the front of the church – and that is NOT the reason that it was a beautiful wedding. I just have a difficult time hearing things in certain places, for example churches with very high ceilings.


It’s one of those “merit badges” I’ve earned along the way. You know, like the “Trifocal,” “Get up 3 times a night to potty” and even the “Just happy to get up” badge.


Seeing the happy bride and groom, and witnessing both the flower girl and ring bearer run for the hills before they made it to the front – I knew this was going to be a good one. It was in an older church in Richmond, Virginia, which obviously had a lot of history and was very close to the museum where the reception following the museum would be held.


Reception? Is that what you call it? I’m not sure, but you know what I mean. Dinner, dancing and young people who are still looking to get married looking for other young people who might be interested in the same thing. So as an older person, I always enjoy the opportunity of seeing young people do “that thing they do” at wedding receptions.


Back to the awkward location. It wasn’t necessarily that it was in an art museum which forced me to walk back and forth in front of statues of “nekkid” people that were scarily real. I do say “nekkid” instead of naked or nude, because there is a degree of nakedness in statues that goes from being tastefully nude to naked to nekkid.


Nudes are things like outside statues in the garden or a bust that is kind of tasteful. Naked is probably correct with the parts and the statue seems to be kind of proud of not having any clothes on. Then there is nekkid… These are the statues that you have to cover the kids’ eyes, push your date in the other direction, but then go back to the bathroom seven or eight times during the course of the evening to see if that statue was really a statue or a woman painted silver.


So I guess you could say that in addition to getting to enjoy a wedding on this evening, I was exposed to art.


Then there was my table. I thought I was sitting at a very fine table in the back of the dining area of this museum. However, the ladies, including our server for the evening, seemed to be making a big deal and laughing about the table we had been “selected” to share for the evening.


It was “Table 19.”


Evidently, there was a recent movie about a wedding party and a group of folks who got directed to Table 19. Also, it seemed to be humorous to those in the know that we were indeed sitting at this table. We had a great meal, wonderful conversation and a safe ride home (after I took one more look at my new favorite statue).


All this talk of the movie and my table put me on a quest to find a place where I could rent this movie. After checking a couple of movie vending machines, I found that I could actually pull it into my television from the internet – at least I think that is where it was coming from.


The movie is not highly rated, but honestly I really enjoyed it. Perhaps, it is because I was chosen to sit at Table 19 or perhaps it is because I liked one of the actresses in the movie (Anna Kendrick).


Not to ruin it for you, but after watching it, I now understood the humor that the ladies saw in being at Table 19. You see, the occupants of Table 19 realize that they weren't exactly wanted at the wedding. So as people would normally do in real life in every instance of this happening, they decide to ditch the wedding and have their own fun time together.


How bad was Table 19 in the movie?


One fellow (in the movie) noted about the location of the table, “I can smell the toilets from here, that’s how well I know the bride and groom.”


Another lady in the movie said, “Do you know what Francie's mother calls table 19? The table that should have known to send regrets but not before sending something nice off the registry.”


And even one better one, “The table that could disappear during the wedding and no one would even notice.”


Now I understood why I might have been in an awkward place or table and not have even known it.


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