Do you remember when you were in school and thought about graduation and how you would never have to do homework again? Ha! We were so wrong! I have a homework assignment for everyone. I recommend that everyone should start planning for ‘what if’ right now, when ‘what if’ is not needed. That way, if you need ‘what if’ you will be better prepared. I must have had that influence in my youth because you would not believe what is in my purse ‘just in case’ I might need something when I’m away from home. Yes, I have actually used that tape measure!

What if I need, or my parents might need, a skilled nursing center some day? How can we plan for that possibility? You can start with On their home page is “Find a Nursing Home.” Click on that, enter your zip code and do a 25 mile radius search. What comes up is a list of nursing homes, certified by Medicare and Medicaid, within that 25 mile search. All of them have a 1-5 Star Rating. There are individual ratings for Health Inspections, Staffing, and Quality Measures. They add those scores to provide an overall rating. A 5 Star rating is the best. The center that has an overall 5 star rating are ranked among the top centers in the nation. A 4 star is above average and a 3 star is average. At Cross Shores we are proud of our 5 Star!

Your next step is to go on a tour. You can call ahead and make an appointment or just drop in. We are happy to show you around and answer your questions. You want to ask questions about Medicare/Medicaid certification, financial information, but most of all, while you are there look around. Does the relationship between the staff and residents appear to be warm, polite, and respectful? Does everyone look well groomed and appropriately dressed? Is it clean? How does the center make you feel? Use your brain to evaluate the statistics. Use your heart to know how it made you feel. Often people will choose what makes them FEEL best.

We are here anytime you need us! Give us a call at 850-229-8244 or just drop by. Friday the 13th we are having a Bake Sale in our lobby starting at 10 a.m. ET until everything runs out. Last time it all ran out around noon. I’m sure I gained a pound or two! It’s all for a good cause. Remember to treat everyone with importance and always be kind.