The world needs to see a likeness of Jesus, in Christians everywhere.

In our daily life and service, let our life show that we care.

More boldness is needed in the fight against sin.

It’s time for Christians to be heard and not let satan win.

Liquor is still digging graves, I’ve been there and seen it my friend.

Yet, some want another day to sell it, and I still say that greed is a sin.

Christians if you still drink, you’re helping someone sin.

It also says in Romans 14, you’re a stumbling block my friend.

Jesus said you’re either for me or against me.

You’re gathering with me or scattering them all.

I’m born again sinner for that’s for Him,

And I’ll help gather till I heard His call.

Now the choice is up to you, for you He gave His Son.

Remember, He wants you hot or cold, lukewarm won’t get it done.


Billy Johnson