Health care has come a long way baby! Thank goodness the days of blood letting and leeches are only known from books and movies. More people died from infection then. Of course, no one washed their hands (warm soapy water singing Happy birthday or the ABC song twice, thank you). We won’t mention the unwashed surgical equipment and unclean linens. There weren’t antibiotics either.

What a miracle an antibiotic was and is. Unfortunately over the last four decades or so there has been a terrible over use of antibiotics. It wasn’t so long ago that you could call or visit your doctor and they would prescribe an antibiotic, “just in case”. For our elderly this practice has created dangerous antibiotic resistant infections and what they are calling ‘superbugs.’ Superbugs are dangerous because they are so resistant to any treatment.

The CDC reports that antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly, across the nation, up to 75 percent of the time including wrong drug, wrong dose, wrong duration or they were just unnecessary. In those cases patients don’t get better because they didn’t need the drug to begin with. Often the antibiotic can cause more problems from side effects. Today health care providers are teaching people, like me, who grew up with an antibiotic every time we sneezed, that antibiotics are often not needed. We are being re-educated. Doctors are being re-educated and supported by the CDC with evidence of over use.

There is good news! At Cross Shores we will continue to provide excellent care and support of you and your loved one to recover from an illness. When you are feeling bad from a cold or virus and an antibiotic is not needed we push the fluids and encourage rest. This latest cold and flu season we served gallons of good, hot soup and some extra tender loving care.

Please call with any questions at 229-8244. If we don’t know the answer we will be happy to help you find the resources you need. Remember to treat everyone with importance and always, always be kind.