A co-worker recently asked me that question regarding a document I was working on at work. I had made some changes and wanted to update the “official” version of the document so it would be available to those who needed to use it. As much as I enjoy writing, I’m not crazy about creating documents full of requirements for people to follow.

Honestly, it can be rather boring.

However, I was really intrigued by my co-worker’s question. I replied to her email where she had asked me the question by saying, “Your instructions would be beneficial.” In other words, please help me upload this new version of what I’ve been working on for so long…

What was really was on my mind was the ability to upload a “new version of myself.”

I had experienced a hot flash on the way to work on this day. Say what? Oh yes, I spilt coffee in my lap about half the way to work. It was unpleasant, but I had convinced myself the coffee spill was payback for me getting mad at the drive through folks where I had gotten a chicken biscuit and coffee. You see I wanted mustard for my biscuit and I had driven away and thought they had forgotten about the mustard.

So I talked to myself emphasizing the “Poor Pitiful Me” points. After consuming the biscuit, I saw where the mustard had just fallen out of the bag when I took the biscuit out. I felt bad for saying silly things and feeling sorry for myself – then I spilled coffee in my lap.

Thus, I was being punished…

Things don’t work that way, I know that. People often make the mistake of thinking that bad things happen for punishment or specifically God is punishing them. I don’t think that’s the case, at least as I understand it – it is not. Now that being said, are there consequences for bad things that we and others do? Most definitely.

I spilled coffee on myself because I was trying to balance it on my leg and drive. Perhaps I was looking at the mustard package and thinking about how much I would have enjoyed it on my biscuit. Did He hear my frustration about thinking that I had been left mustardless? Yes, I said it out loud. Even if I had just thought it, He would have known.

That is what I believe…

This yoga site on the internet had some advice on creating a new version of yourself. According to them, you just need to ask yourself a few honest questions. Maybe I will put these on an index card and put them above my visor in the car to look at when I go through fast food drive throughs.

The questions were: 1) It’s easier to be my best version of me when? 2) I’m a poor version of me when… 3) What can I learn from these insights? 4) What new habits can I create to make it easier to be my best version of me?

I wrote out the questions with my answers to all of the …

1) It’s easier to be my best version of me when? I get mustard for my biscuits. 2) I’m a poor version of me when I don’t get mustard for my biscuits. 3) What can I learn from these insights? I like mustard. 4) What new habits can I create to make it easier to be my best version of me? I am going to keep little packages of mustard in my car.

I’m sorry for a lot of things I have done in my life – some involving mustard and some not. Every day we are here, we get another chance – to do better, to help someone, to say “I’m sorry” and to eat chicken biscuits with mustard.


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