Dear Editor,

I took a ride out to Indian Pass today, I’ve been going out there quite often to check on two eagle’s nests, and it breaks my heart to see how much of the wetland, out by the Raw Bar, is just being filled in and sodded and having houses built on it.

What happened to protecting wildlife and wetlands. God only knows how much fertilizer is going into the water out there. I stopped to watch three otters come out of the ditch and I can only imagine what they thought of the destruction of their homes.

There just doesn’t seem to be any laws enforced for the protection of our beautiful land. The people that have been here awhile are saddened by what is happening. Acres and acres of woodland destroyed. It is changing everything and the reason many of us fell in love with this area and moved here. and so it reminded me of a Joni Mitchell song.

Judie McCormick

Gulf County