Pictured above are Mabel Hodges and Dolores Dickey, Co-Chairmen of the Project to gather donations for the Veterans’ Honor Walk at Beacon Hill. St. Joseph Bay Chapter of DAR kicked off the project in front of the Piggly-Wiggly on Saturday, May 26. Donations are being accepted at many businesses with cookbooks being given for each $10 received. All donations will be given to the Veterans’ Honor Walk and other Veteran Projects.

Other Members who manned the table were Mary Lee Rich, Dena Rich, Margaret MacKinnon, Kathy Wilson, Beverly Elder, Colleen Burlingame, Avilda Densmore, Mazie Stone, Linda Shepherd, and Paula Boone.

Other places selling cookbooks for DAR donations: Gulf County-Cape Trading Post, Coastal Realty, No-Name Café, Peoples First Bank, Port Inn, and Port St. Joe Library; Mexico Beach-Ace Hardware, Beach Walk, Caribbean Coffee, Driftwood Inn, El Governor, The Grove, and Parker Realty.