Domestic violence, Pam Martin will attest, has few boundaries, it is not a women’s issue, but a human issue.

Therefore, it only made sense that the local domestic violence task force would seek to broaden its support beyond the ladies.

Sense has translated into cents for the Gulf County Mexico Beach Domestic Violence Task Force.

The non-profit which offers an array of services to victims of domestic violence and abuse, recently hosted its “Oldies but Goodies” fundraiser at the El Governor Motel, repeating a general format, and success, from two years ago.

“The fundraiser was a great success again,” said Martin, the executive director of the Gulf County Mexico Beach Domestic Violence Task Force.

“We have so many people and businesses to thank; we would like for them to know that we appreciate their support every year and their friendship to the program.”

After holding various “Ladies Night” themes as the major fundraiser each year, the task force switched gears last year to expand the event into a fun time for most any age group.

Last year was “Family Fun Day” and this year “Oldies but Goodies” but the overarching theme is the same: offer a bit of everything, meal to variety show and music, to appeal to the family.

The result, the highest receipts in the event’s history.

This year there was a low country boil, hamburgers and hot dogs with pasta salad from Provisions.

An array of items donated by local individuals, businesses and organizations were raffled off, including hand-turned wooden bowls from Mexico Beach artist Bobby Pollock.

Jerry Arhelger, Rocking Randall, Charlie Black, Neysa Wilkins and Chuck Ellis provided music throughout the four-hour event.

“We want to thank our host who is always very generous to this program, Wiley Petty and the El Governor,” Martin said. “We appreciate who donated or volunteered.”

The boundary expansion of the fundraiser dovetails perfectly with domestic violence, Martin said.

“Domestic violence knows no boundaries,” Martin said. “Not age, not gender, not race, not social status; domestic violence has no boundaries.

“And it remains as prevalent, if not more prevalent, as ever.”

The task force works to encourage and support involvement of local community agencies and concerned citizens to put an end to domestic violence in Gulf County and Mexico Beach.

The annual event aims to raise money to fund education and victim services provided by the task force.

In the schools, the task force provides programs in the elementary, middle and high schools concerning bullying and dating violence.

Victim services includes financial help, assistance getting placement in a shelter operated by the Salvation Army and, if nothing else, a shoulder to rely on while navigating the legal system to secure protective orders and injunctions.

Donations are always welcomed and badly needed.

To donate or for more information contact Martin at 229-2901.