Sherrill Russ, Regent for the St.Joseph Bay Chapter of NSDAR was invited to attend Memorial Day Services at the Marietta, Georgia National Cemetery. Mrs. Russ’ great-grandfather, James Griffin Hughes, was the first U.S. Government-appointed Superintendent of this National Cemetery. Mr. Hughes was designated to set up the National Cemeteries in the South after the Civil War. The U.S. Government created the National Cemeteries with the idea of unifying the country by burying the soldiers from both sides together. However, some Southern Families rejected the idea and created their own Confederate Cemeteries.

The Memorial Service was attended by every branch of the military. A 21-gun salute was performed by Civil War Re-enactors and a second salute by the U. S. Army. Jets from Dobbins Air Force Base performed three Fly-Overs. Seventy different organizations, including DAR and SAR, donated beautiful wreaths to this Ceremony.