Construction helmets were scattered around my front yard (wearing side down). Some were white, some were orange, but there was no doubt that there were was something going on. My neighbors were walking by and of course had to ask. They thought that we were perhaps playing some sort of game and using the helmets for bases or markers.


I know that I have written about it or “them” before. However, enough is enough. I cut my grass on Friday or Saturday. I like to cut my grass – I really do. I like for it look nice.


But the little underground vole critters seem to be having a reunion or celebration in my front yard. They have trenches and hallways just underground all over my front yard. I’m over it. First, it was the squirrels eating all of bird’s food, then it was the rabbits eating all of the flowers. Squirrels and rabbits are easier to deal with because they are above ground.


I’m pretty sure the voles had a wedding or something planned in my yard for June. They probably sent out invitations early enough to get friends and family from all over the neighborhood and the woods in the back. They noted on the invitation that my front yard was beautiful and ripe to be torn apart - emphasizing that the bachelor and bachelorette parties would both be held there, in addition to the rehearsal dinner, wedding and honeymoon.


The festivities would go on for a month at least. Do you know what voles can do in a month? I was reading where gestation last for three weeks and the young voles reach their maturity in a month. This is incredible in terms of how fast moles can reproduce. So vole populations can grow very large in a very short amount of time. How large? Litters average five to ten and when a couple of voles decide to get married, they can birth more than a hundred voles per year.


A lot of folks don’t know what voles are… they are like little “molish” devils that look a lot like a blind mouse with a long snout and paddles for hands (so they can tear up your yard). They eat bugs and grubs and the roots of your grass and plants and leave underground visible trails throughout your yard.


They also say that voles like peanut butter.


I sure hope they do, because under every one of those construction helmets in my front yard, there is a mouse trap with peanut butter on it. The traps and helmets are strategically placed over vole holes in my front yard. The voles who are leaving the parties and festivities underground might want a quick bite of peanut butter on their way out.


Why the helmets? They keep my dogs and birds from getting into the traps. Mean? No… I have a catch and release program for the voles. In other words, I reuse the traps. Still some folks will say that is cruel, I disagree.


Let’s say you clean your floor every day and you enjoy clean floors. Then, every day a group of folks roll around the mud and trounce through your house over your clean floor without hesitation and never apologizing. That is what the little voles do to my front yard.


And the construction helmets? They expire after a few years and are no longer effective in doing their job protecting heads. So, I figured I would use them a little while longer and then recycle them.


On the bright side, I guess I could have a lot bigger problems to worry about. But, I have a very good opponent. And to beat it all, they didn’t invite me to any of the parties or any of the festivities and used my property for it all.


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