How do you create a story? What do you have on your walls? At my house I have a few framed paintings my grandmother and my daughter painted and a few photos. It’s minimal, but it’s part of my story. My story tells you my love of horses as a child and my love of sand, water, and Easter Lillys. Some people like a lot of photographs, in frames, clustered together. Some enjoy prints of flowers or landscapes and decorative items or words. Some people enjoy a theme. It all tells a story of who we are.

A lot of people call Cross Shores home. They want to bring their items from home to decorate their space. I enjoy visiting with everyone and it never ceases to amaze me just how different everyone is! Each decoration, each picture, each frog, each blanket or decorative pillow tells a story. We love getting to know our residents in a more personal way and they love to tell their stories. If you haven’t assisted your friend or loved one with decorating I would encourage you to start soon! Tell us their story. Make copies of those old family photos and create a small photo album or frame a few and hang on the wall. Maybe your loved one was a huge sports fan and would like to theme their space! Maybe your loved one enjoys flowers. A canvas print of flowers would look pretty on their wall.

Our Care Center is looking for decorative items that tell a story from around the world. Maybe you have a pair of wooden shoes you don’t know what to do with and would like to donate. We can pair that with a picture of Holland’s tulips and we have a story. Do you have a cuckoo clock? Do you have a whimsical decorative item? The Eiffel Tower? We would love your donations so we can decorate with stories from around the world. Once I saw an old Parcheesi game hot glued to a board and hung on the wall. Every time I passed by that game I remembered how my grandma loved to cheat playing Parcheesi. She was good at it! Any similar donation from around the world and home would be appreciated. Tell us part of your story! Remember to treat everyone with importance and be kind.