Dear Editor,

I don’t live on the property around the ill-advised 10th Street Ball Park. However, I have lived all over the country and I have never lived in a town that showed such disregard for the will of its citizens as what’s going on with this ball park proposal.

Putting this project in will not only destroy the peace and serenity of this entire side of town, but will result in flooding of the ball park and surrounding properties.

It will also destroy a beautiful park where people can take a walk with their kids or dogs, ride their bikes or just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The most important problem with the placing it there is it will destroy the property values of the homes surrounding it.

Now, I am not against the idea, but that is just not the place for it. I have talked to a lot of folks that do not live adjacent to the proposed site that are of the same opinion – not the right place.

I believe if you ask the citizens to vote on it, it would go down in flames.

It’s not hard to imagine the possibility of a class action lawsuit if the city and county continue on this course. That is not a threat, but it is worth considering.

The insistence to continue in this direction makes some wonder if there isn’t some other motivation at work here.

Especially since the plans for it had been ongoing for a long time before any citizens were aware of it.

Just some thoughts from a concerned citizen.

Howard Hackney

Port St. Joe