Dear Editor,

In viewing the July 24 BOCC meeting via website I appreciate the views expressed by Gulf County resident Mr. Roland Wilson.

His presentation was in regard to a certain lack of transparency by the board.

The fact that meetings were not published in The Star due to the expense when we are paying for a parks director to do the work of our Public

Works Dept. defies logic.

Mr. Wilson addressed the issue of morning meetings which the Board initiated some time ago as being inconvenient for many.

What was disturbing was the impolite snap back by Mr. McDaniels.

He stated that morning meetings actually have a larger attendance than evening meetings.

That may be true but what he failed to mention, as Mr. Wilson noted, was that morning meetings effectively bar those pesky hard working voters from having a say so.

Mr. McDaniels also stated that these meetings "are business meetings not social events."

Well, many Gulf Countians are aware of the monkey business conducted by past commissioners by not passing on the chair to Ms. Bryan when it was her turn as has always been the tradition.

Mr. McDaniels also noted that Bay and Franklin boards have morning meetings.

Well guess what, we don't live in those counties and could care less about their schedules.

On another note county-wide voting has been a desire of our voters for years but the board has little interest in upsetting the status quo so how about adding another district?

District 6, western boundary the intersection of U.S. 98 and SR 30, the district line being the entire area south of 98 to the county line at the east. Heavy duty taxpayers in that area who are outnumbered by District 5 city voters.

In the last election we had a highly qualified candidate in Dr. Hardman who lost out to Mr. McCroan, the son-in-law of Mr. Barnes, appointed by Gov. Scott at the urging of the board to take Mr. Yeager's seat. That worked out real nice for the boys.


Tom Knoche

Port St. Joe