Learn a new skill, improve your quality of life or explore a new hobby with a new community program that includes community education courses as well as the Coastal Culture program at the Gulf/Franklin campus of Gulf Coast State College.

The program, offered by Corporate College, combines leisure and learning for the Gulf/Franklin community by providing personal enrichment classes for active adults with a desire for life-long learning, exploring hobbies, meeting new friends and developing new talents.

“If you have been to college,” said Lara Herter, coordinator of Coastal Culture, “this is an opportunity to re-live the college experience. If you have not attended college, this is an opportunity to live the college experience.”

“We have a saying, you are never too old to learn. The goal for Coastal Culture is to provide a learning environment that is fun the participants.”

The program offers something for everyone. If you are a gardener, discover the convenience of growing for small spaces with the Edible Gardening class, or explore drawing techniques in the Explore Drawing class. Enjoy a wide variety of other interests such as learning computer basics, jewelry-making, home repairs and much more!

The Gulf/Franklin community education classes are held various dates and times from August through October, and costs vary depending on the class. The Coastal Culture program includes 3 classes held each Wednesday, Sept. 5 through Oct. 10 and costs $25 per class or $75 for all three. Registration is now open. For more information, visit gulfcoast.edu/GulfFranklin or call Lara Herter at 873.3583.