Dear Editor,

Although LNT (leave no trace) and RV ordinances are front page issues before the Board of County Commissioners, there is one important safety issue that is of great importance also. This issue is that of the safety of pedestrians crossing U.S. 98 from Pine Street in St. Joe Beach to Bay County line. Although pedestrian warning signs have been placed from Highway 386 to Beacon Hill Park, there are none from Pine Street to the western entrance to Gulf Aire.

In this stretch of U.S. 98 there are four county designated beach access points. In addition, there is deeded access from Pine Street to Court Street for the property owners in the Yon’s addition to Beacon Hill. This amounts to a lot of back and forth pedestrian traffic.

As you know there have been many new homes built and occupied in these areas in last two years. I would guess 30 or more. That with the increase in rental properties being established just compounds the issue. None the less important is the increase in vehicular traffic.

As this area is entered from the east there is a 55 mph speed limit reduced somewhat to 45 mph just before Pine Street and does not change throughout the entire stretch of U.S. 98 being addressed.. Have you ever been hit by something traveling at 45 mph?

Probably not if you are reading this!

Reducing the speed limit would help, but pedestrian warning signs along this area would be even more beneficial, especially at least three being pedestrian controlled lighted signs being placed at Pine Street, Seashores Drive, and the western Gulf Aire entrance.

Thanks in advance to Commissioner Jimmy Rogers and FLDOT for their prompt response to this issue!


Charles”Skip” Griffies

St. Joe Beach