Bill Lynch of Highland View has showed off plenty of veggies, from turnips to green beans and rutabagas over the years, but this week was a first.

Lynch, a rather spry 92 soon to celebrate another birthday, has 450 feet of grapes growing in his garden, a sample of which he brought for tasting.

They are, to say the least, juicy and sweet.

Lynch even has one vine that is currently nurturing both white and red grapes, on the same vine.

Lynch said he contacted the local extension service which he said indicated that was not only highly unusual, but “hadn’t been seen in a thousand years.”

We won’t test that one because the positive is Lynch, who experienced some health challenges the past year or so, is on his feet and applying his green thumb for others again.

“I may not walk as well as I used to, but I still look around every day trying to make somebody happy.”

That is a credo for a life well-lived. --- Tim Croft