As per the Governor’s request and pursuant to the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes, the 14th Judicial Circuit Nominating Commission recently convened in order to begin the process of filling the vacancy that was created when Circuit Court Judge James Fensom announced his pending retirement. The Commission received 12 applications from interested members of the Florida Bar. Of those, the Commission chose to interview six individuals in order to determine their fitness for appointment. Those interviews took place on Aug. 17. Upon completion of the interview process, the Commission proceeded directly to deliberations. After much discussion and careful consideration, the Commission agreed that the following four (4) candidates, listed in alphabetical order, are highly qualified and more than capable to fill the position available. Consequently, these names will be forwarded to the Governor for his consideration: 1. Maria Dykes; 2. Robert Sombathy; 3. Dustin Stephenson; and 4. Zachary Taylor