Dear Editor,

This is to our county commissioners:

How many of you have recently driven 30A from Port St. Joe to Apalachicola. Let’s mentally do it now. As we approach Simmons Bayou, there is a RV park on the right. As we continue, we notice a proliferation of RV’s along the road, this proliferation continues until we reach the Franklin County line. From this point onwards, we experience a more pristine drive into Apalachicola. If we were to continue towards Carrabelle, we would encounter several very large RV parks. At the conclusion of our drive, we have three questions. Are additional RV parks a business opportunity in Gulf County? Aren’t there any hunters or fishermen in Franklin County? Where is Franklin County’s Oak Grove?

Let’s again use our imagination to drive Bay County. Starting at Mexico Beach, we notice a RV park on the right, we then procced through Tyndall and then take a slight left turn, which will take us along Bay County’s coast line. As we proceed towards Panama City Beach, we notice this area is much more commercially developed with some residential buildings mixed along with a few small RV parks. At the conclusion of this trip, it is obvious that the proliferation of RVs that we experienced on 30A does not exist in Bay County. We again have a couple of questions. Do all of Bay County’s hunters and fishermen park their RVs in Gulf County? Where is Bay County’s Oak Grove?

In summary, is it possible we could learn something by studying both Franklin and Bay counties’ RV Ordinance? It should be obvious to all concerned that reverting back to the county’s old rule of one RV per lot is not only antiquated when compared to our sister counties, it is a road to continued failure. We must not throw out the existing RV Ordinance because it is hard to enforce or because we were against it from the beginning, instead we must refine the existing ordinance to the point it is impossible to create another Oak Grove, that keeps Gulf County in the forefront of sound economic development, assists in the protection and safety of our residents when “the big one hits” and is not totally impossible to enforce.

Thank you for your time this morning.

Butch Kline

Port St. Joe