Dear Editor,

Last week, my wife and I had a shocking experience.

We usually take our recyclable materials to Apalachicola and put them in the conveniently located bins on Commerce Street.

The main reason for this is that there are no recycle bins in Port St. Joe (we live in Indian Pass, but we travel to Apalachicola quite often). Much to our surprise, there were no bins there.

Instead, there was a large sign that stated that the bins had been misused and that the new drop-off point was at the Solid Waste Facility on Route 65.

I decided that I would call the Port St. Joe City Hall just to double-check on the availability of a recycle drop-off point. I was informed that there was currently no such facility.

This whole scenario caused me to do some serious thinking on this subject. I went to the internet and looked for a website that would give information on what it takes to make a “green city.”

I landed on There I found an article titled 10 Things That Make A Great Green City.

Here are the areas mentioned in the article:

*Green l;eadership

*Smart energy policies

*Good green fFun

*Mixed-use and infill development

*Comprehensive recycling & composting programs

*Bike lanes

*Quality space

*Efficient public transportation

*Plentiful parks

*High-profile buildings

Wouldn't it be great if Port St. Joe would work toward becoming a “green” city!

If Port St. Joe really wants to set itself apart from a lot of other cities, wouldn't this be a great way to advertise what a great place it really is.

We have the water, we have the beaches, we have eco-tourism, and we are a “green” city.

Think about it.

Landy Luther

Indian Pass