Dear Editor:

At the Aug. 28 BOCC meeting, there were many, many voices against repealing the current RV Ordinance. The County Board of Commissioners decided to repeal the ordinance despite a ratio of at least 10 to 1 against doing so. The expressed reason was “it is too hard to enforce.”

I am concerned that many people on our county staff relate the word RV into big mammoth motor coaches. When in fact, the RV industry consists of pop-up trailers, travel trailers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, Class B &C cab over motor homes, as well as Class A Diesel motor coaches. Per our County Administrator, without the county specifically defining the word RV, an individual could legally, according to existing ordinance, have a Pop-up trailer on any lot in the county.

There were comments made stating a RV parked in a lot next to a residential home, lowers property values, I have my own opinion on this topic but will not voice them here. My good friend Commissioner Ward McDaniel opined that he sees many big, very expensive RVs traveling to and from the coastal corridor from his Wewa residence. He mentioned a friend had a fifth wheel and the vehicle to pull this fifth wheel probably cost $80,000 itself.

I decided to research costs of various types of RVs, I don’t assume that these costs reflect the top of the line RVs, nor do I assume that every RV Commissioner McDaniel sees on the road is the top of the line RV. A brand new 32’ Heartland travel trailer costs $25,495.00, a brand new 37’ Heartland fifth wheel costs $54,898, a brand new 26’ Winnebago motor home costs $87,498, a brand new 33’ Thor, gas motor coach costs $96,988, a brand new 39’ Fleetwood diesel motor coach costs $199,998.00. I gathered these numbers off the internet and can easily be verified by all naysayers.

I also, determined the ratio of RV types in the three areas of 30A to Indian Pass, Oak Grove and Presnell’s RV Park are as follows:

1. 30A and Indian Pass: Pop ups = 0, Travel trailers = 8, Fifth wheels = 2, Cab over motor homes = 0 , Motor coaches = 0.

2. Oak Grove: Pop ups = 0, Travel trailers = 8, Fifth wheels = 3, Cab over motor homes = 0, Motor coaches = 1.

3. Presnell’s RV Park: Pop ups = 0, Travel trailers = 6, Fifth wheels = 10, Motor Coaches = 16.


These comparisons would lead one to believe the more expensive RV’s are not being left unattended on single family lots, but instead are being used as Recreational Vehicles, not as hunting/fishing destinations. Travel trailers are the majority of units being left unattended on private lots, which based on appraised value will not yield the property taxes equal to a single family home on the same lot.

I urge all county residents to contact their respective county commissioner with your concerns that Gulf County does not have an RV Ordinance that enhances and protects our property values as well as helps insure the safety of all Gulf County Residents. Their response should be considered when they ask for your vote for re-election.

Butch Kline

Cape San Blas Rd.