Dear Editor,

After the recent county commissioners meeting concerning the 10th Street ballpark proposal a few things are clear to me.

1. The county and city commissioners do not care about the ruining of the wetlands along this corridor.

2. They do not care about the flooding of the private properties around it. Nor do they care about destroying property values around it. ( Who wants to buy property adjacent to a big complex like that? )

3. They do not care about the traffic and noise that will be created by this project and the disruption of the peace and tranquility in this neighborhood.

4. The city and county do not really want to hear about the opposition to or the valid reasons this does not make sense on any level that the citizens are aware of.

This project has been worked on two years or more and only recently has the public been aware of it.

It looks to me like making the people that will be effected by it would be one of the first things done. Why was that done? Why did we have to find out over a year after the plans had been drawn up ( money spent )?

What is the big motivation to build it in the middle of a quiet neighborhood instead of the Field of Dreams?

To date these questions have not been answered.

Do these politicians not work for their constituents?

I am so very tired of politicians doing things because they think they know so much more than the people they work for that they ignore their bosses.

It will be election time again and maybe then we can hire someone who will listen.

I don't know anyone who objects to ballparks being built, but the park at 10th Street is not the place for it.

Howard Hackney

A concerned citizen.