The other day I was sitting at home bored to tears.

To be completely honest I was feeling sorry for myself because I was bored and I had ‘nothing’ to do. Feeling this way is not something I’m used to so I didn’t even recognize, at first, that I was wallowing around on my pity pot. My mother always called it a pity pot and I cannot tell you how much I hated that phrase.

Maybe that is why I rarely let myself wallow in that emotion.

Picture a pig wallowing in mud.

The last time I mentioned to someone about how much there is to do around here, every single day of the week, they complained there might be for adults but not for teens. They complained that teens had no where to go and hang out.

This wonderful little town is almost the same as my home town. There is fishing, baseball, football, basketball, band, choir, and art clubs. Each week there is something new. Outdoor concerts, art and photography shows, and almost everything is free! There is an amazing number of part time jobs available for teens and chores at home. There are volunteer opportunities at the animal shelter, the senior center, and the nursing home.

And, of course, there is the beach.

There is family time, learning to cook and going to visit grandma. Some of my favorite memories were movie night with my kids. We rented that big old VCR player and rented the VCR movie. Sometimes we could get a deal and rent 3 movies for the price of 2! Don’t forget to rewind! We popped popcorn, brought in all the blankets and pillows to the living room floor and settled in for a fun night together.

Soon enough I realized I had nothing to do because I chose to have nothing to do. I dragged myself off my pity pot and went to the beach!

Then, I made a list of everything I want to do. I want to learn how to kayak, get roller blades and check out the many paved trails in town, and learn how to fish! There is so much to do here! Remember to treat everyone with importance and always be kind!