Urban Search & Rescue Teams (USAR) are continuing search and rescue operations in Bay, Gulf, Jackson, Franklin, and Gadsden counties. USAR teams no longer are needed in Calhoun, Holmes, Walton, Washington, Dixie, Jefferson, Lafayette, Leon, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla counties.


Search Progress Report:

Branch I: Bay (East), Bay (West), Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Walton, Washington; Branch averages: Rapid 99 percent, Primary 87 percent, Secondary 65 percent

Branch II: Dixie, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Lafayette, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla; Branch averages: Rapid 100 percent, Primary 100 percent, Secondary 100 percent

As of Monday in the affected counties, search and rescue task forces have identified 15,876 single residences that have been damaged and 4,240 single residences that have been destroyed. Rescuers have evacuated 1,602 people to temporary shelters and have confirmed that 16,678 people are safe to shelter in place.

Assigned Resources: 89 engines, 42 ambulances, 39 rescue boats, 290 heavy rescue units, 223 US&R vehicles, 15 water tenders, 46 search K-9’s, 21 various urban search and rescue task forces, 2 rapid needs assessment teams and 13 engine strike teams.

There are 1,592 search and rescue and support personnel assigned to the incident. Resources from Florida, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey and the Florida Forest Service, Florida Army National Guard, Florida Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Bureau Fire Arson Investigation and the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Red Incident Support Team are assisting with search and rescue efforts.


Today’s Action:

In Bay East, US&R task forces will complete their secondary search of any structures that 3 or more feet of water intrusion or have damage that prevents egress or could cause entrapment, have signs of occupation, have had multiple 911 calls from that location or credible missing person reports. K-9s are continuing to search debris fields for human remains.

In Bay West, task forces are completing secondary searches and conducting targeted searches identified by the county EOC at the last known whereabouts of missing persons. K-9s are continuing to search debris fields for human remains. Searchers should wrap up today and those resources will relocate to Bay East.

In Jackson County, K-9s are continuing to search debris fields for human remains.

In Gulf County, searchers should be complete today.

Please utilize FEMA as a resource at www.disasterassistance.gov or 800-621-3362.

Follow health safety tips at Florida Department of Health (DOH) Facebook page. (Generator safety, food and water safety, etc.)

If you are able, tune into 92.5 WPAP for information as well as Channel 7 WJHG.