Generally, I have no trouble finding the “right words” to say, coming up with six or seven hundred words on a weekly basis. As I watched the horrific video footage of the damage caused in and around Port St. Joe after Hurricane Michael, I was broken-hearted and speechless. Places I had seen, stayed, enjoyed and will forever remember fondly, were badly damaged or simply gone.

Therefore, I have nothing I can say, other than I am deeply sorry for the losses you and your community have suffered and know you will be back and thriving soon. I love the people of Port St. Joe, because they make me feel as though I am one of theirs. The truth is Port St. Joe is filled with many folks who weren’t born and raised there, choosing to stay as a result of a vacation trip long ago and falling in love with the area and the people.

It’s easy to do – they make you feel at home. The pace is a bit slower, your problems seem to be less of a burden and “community” is not just a word.

My hurricane damage? A pile of tree limbs and sticks… NOTHING compared to looking at a pile of lumber and debris that used to be your home or business.

Port St. Joe has survived Yellow Fever, economic problems and other weather catastrophes and with each other, you will continue to thrive.


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