A recent fatal accident near the Stump Hole rock revetment turned a spotlight on a dangerous section of roadway in south Gulf County.

That area of Cape San Blas Road had been the location of two prior accidents within the week before the fatal accident, one other one involving the same driver.

That section was washed out during Hurricane Michael and has endured subsequent heavy rains as well as continuous truck traffic since the storm.

While state crews have moved dirt and rocks to maintain an open roadway since the week after the storm, the roadway remains changing and at times partially washed out due to weather conditions.

The stretch of road also lacks clear roadway markings.

A local fire and rescue official said he avoids the area at night.

A resident said they recently drove the area at night moving at less than 10 mph due to a lack of comfort with the roadway.

Last Friday, county crews put up traffic cones to delineate lanes.

On social media and local government halls, eyes are trained on the state and the Florida Department of Transportation.

“They need to get that road fixed, it is an ongoing problem,” said Sheriff Mike Harrison. “We’ve done everything we can do as a sheriff’s office.”

Harrison said he has tried to keep a presence in the area, but given staffing and the need to cover the entire county makes it impossible to keep a deputy in the area full-time.

Last Thursday morning, an accident claimed the life of one man and sent three others to the hospital with critical injuries.

Koby Logan, 26, of Louisiana, was driving south on Cape San Blas Road at a high rate of speed when he failed to shift left where the road was washed out, according to the South Gulf Volunteer Fire Department.

The car went airborne, rolled several times over debris piles and all four occupants were ejected, the department noted.

The fire department posted on its Facebook, encouraging drivers to slow down and be vigilant in the area and other areas where roads are washed out.

Logan, along with two passengers, Jade Logan, 34, of Louisiana, and Steven McCarty, 28, of Louisiana, were transported to an area hospital with critical injuries, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Another passenger, Chelsea Moore, 29, also of Louisiana, died at the scene.